This is a text input system for GB Studio 2.

It doesn't have any visible trade-off, it doesn't require a border or squares and it has all the letters (uppercase and lowercase). You may need to reset VRAM with weird methods depending on the version of GB Studio you're using, so if you want something quicker and less complicated, check other keyboards made by other GB Studio users, like um3k or Setsune.

Special thanks to um3k for making the keyboard!

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Input 85 kB


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Man, this is really cool, saves me time, and save me from stress.

Thank you for making this.

does it work with gb studio 3.0.2?

Without some conversion, no.


Long live the Q!


it's almost magical how we can revive the q with modern technology

love its


Great work, what a clever approach! Also thanks for the excellent intro article on GB Studio Central, which I’ll link in case other want to read it:

Muy genial gracias


This is awesome. Seems like a lot of complex programming went into this

its a symple but effective text system, but then i have glitches on my text borders, How i can solve this? 


Hi, sorry for replying so late. Are you using an old GB Studio 2 version? The README file explains that older GB Studio 2 versions don't update the UI part of VRAM. Either update to a newer version or load the letters_vram.png sprite after the text input screen. You should also modify it to use your own border and cursor.

Thanks for answering, i am using the last gb studio update(2.0).

so i need to rename my border to "letters_vram.png" and put it on the sprite folder, and then made a scene after with it to fix the error? 


No, check the zip. There should be a sprite called letters_vram.png. Make a blank scene with an actor that uses that sprite after the name input screen. It can be hidden.

That file should have a border and a cursor at the end. Modify that part and replace it with your border and cursor.

Also, there are several GB Studio 2 versions. You might have beta1, which has this problem.

Thank you very much for the system.


Aye awesome stuff yo, nicely done.


That's great! Thanks for the contribution!