Fields of Eutomia (or Eutomia, for short) is a lighthearted, classic JRPG for Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Doza, an evil sorcerer, steals a legendary sword from the hands of the king, and now it's up to you to defeat him and hopefully, get that sword back.

The game is optimized for DMG, but it works well with CGB-compatible devices. It features an organized inventory system, and simple yet rounded battle system.


A long time ago, there lived a warrior who, in the midst of an era of darkness, fought for peace. Our hero, along with three other warriors, managed to push back Zhodams, demons led by Emperor Dozama.
According to legend, a sword was used, one forged by gods:

Dobon, Byogon, Snodon, Tzolon and Akelpon.

His victory has been remembered all throughout the land, the mountains and the valleys. A long time has passed since then.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withGB Studio, Aseprite, Tiled
TagsGame Boy, gb-studio, gbstudio, JRPG, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout an hour


Fields of Eutomia DEMO 3 1 MB
Fields of Eutomia DEMO 2 1 MB
Fields of Eutomia DEMO 1 512 kB
Sword of Eutomia (Pre-Reboot Demo) 1 MB

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Only played a bit of it so far in the browser, but I can already tell this is really impressive.
Hands down the best GB Studio demo I've played so far.

Thank you so much!


Will you make it playable in browser?


I can make the first demo playable in browser. I could also do it with the second demo, but I think it's too long (about one hour long) for it to be played on a browser.


I'll download it then. But you can save in the browser and come back


Yeah, I just thought saving and opening the browser every time you wanted to play was a little weird.

I like this feature to play on my smartphone, it generates an emulator and it's very handy!

I like that too


I love this! Really great combat! How did you display the current hp during combat? You have it showing the whole time


Thanks! Those are just actors on a background, pretty basic stuff.

Oh ok gotcha! I’m using a bunch of actors and animation frames on my battle scenes so I don’t have any actors to spare. Thanks for the reply!

You're welcome!


Ayy, love seein' battle systems made with GBStudio and this was a good'un. Great stuff.


I played it. It had good graphics and a good sense of humor

The battle system is classic RPG 

I look forward to seeing a longer demo!